Hydrophobic 4x4 flood tray for plants

Hydrophobic 4x4 flood tray for plants

A 4x4 flood tray is a planting tray that is designed for holding plants in a hydroponic flood and drain system. It is flooded with nutrient-enriched water and the plants are soaked in this medium. The excess water is drained out of the flood tray and the air is drawn down around the roots of the growing plants.

The flood tray comes in different varieties including designs, sizes, and patterns. Some of the frequently used flood trays are 2x2, 2x4, 3x3, 3x4, and 4x4. Furthermore, the 4x4 flood tray comes in different designs and patterns for various applications. A 4x4 flood tray is frequently used for cultivating plants in;

  • Greenhouse
  • Agriculture
  • Farming places
  • Homes
  • Gardens

Why do you need a 4x4 flood tray?

A 4x4 flood tray is required to hold the plants in hydroponic drain systems. It prevents the plants from decaying and many other defects.

Better medium for plants

A 4x4 flood tray is a better medium to grow plants and vegetables. It is made up of fine quality and sturdy plastic to keep the plants secure. The hydroponic nutrient-rich solution which is added in this medium helps better nourishment of the plants. It helps to firmly hold the plants and maintain the stem structure.

Promote growth

A 4x4 flood tray is a specifically designed medium that fits the requirements for the proper growth of plants and vegetables. It controls the flood situation in the medium which may alter the plant's growth and result in its decay. It allows air to reach the deep roots of the plants which is a crucial factor in the plantation for the better growth of the plants. Giving a better medium and environment to the plants helps in their better nourishment.

Provides room for more plants

A 4x4 flood tray provides room for cultivating more plants in a signal flood tray. 4x4 flood tray provides room to grow up to 12 plants in a single medium. You could cultivate the same kinds of plants as well as different kinds of plants and vegetables in them. But in this case, you have to keep the environment surrounding maintained by the different kinds of plants you are cultivating in the single 4x4 flood tray


4x4 flood tray is very cost-effective. It proves very beneficial for the growers because of its usage and cheap rates. You could purchase 4x4 flood tray in a bulk which is easily available in many flood tray manufacturing stores at affordable prices. You could find a wide range of 4x4 flood tray from professional flood tray manufacturers to grow your plants.

Bottom Line

A 4x4 flood tray system gives healthy ground to the plants. It is a crucial medium that is needed in hydroponic solutions to support plants. The nutrient-filled solution is regularly provided by the growers to the plants for their fast growth. So if you are fond of cultivating plants and vegetables and looking for a flood tray for your plants then a 4x4 flood tray is the best option.