The Features & Applications of Custom Boxes With Logo

The Features & Applications of Custom Boxes With Logo

Custom packing i.e. custom boxes with logo are boxing that is made especially for your business, the product your business is producing, and the way it will be shipped. It seeks to protect the product more effectively than standard and generic packaging because it is designed to fit the product exactly. These boxes are available on Alibaba, Alibaba provides custom boxes with a variety of options to choose from. They have a huge range of them. Custom boxes that are available on Alibaba are of great quality and are very durable in nature. Alibaba is the place you should go when you decide to buy a custom box.

In this article, it has been thoroughly discussed about the types of custom boxes their application, and from where you should buy your custom boxes from.

Types Of Custom Boxes With Applications

In this section, the types of custom boxes that are available along with their applications have been discussed.

1. Paper & Cardboard Boxes For Premium Articles

These custom boxes are made by using paper and cardboard, which is not only environment friendly but also lightweight, these types of custom boxes are perfect for carrying premium articles, as it saves them from both external and internal damage. Carboard custom boxes provide the exact amount of space an article needs within the box so that it doesn’t shake and brake during transportation.

2. Ring & Jewelry Boxes

The custom boxes are also made for carrying and transporting tiny rings and jewelry. These custom boxes provide a safe space in which the rings and jewelry can be carried easily. These boxes have a unique design which gives them a very trendy look.

3. Solid Color Boxes

Many luxury brands use this style of branded packaging. Naturally, it has a cost, as do the items you'll typically find within, including designer watches, shoes, and the newest technology. Highly compressed paperboard, which is four times thicker than regular paperboard, is used to make rigid boxes. They are also not intended to collapse, which increases the cost of use and shipping.

4. Octagonal & Other Shaped Boxes

Packaging products in an octagon box is creative and entertaining. This box has eight sides and corners and is octagonal in shape when viewed from the top. These boxes are just as simple to put together despite their unusual design. They also provide more space within specialized goods and higher durability. But their distinctive form presents a more entertaining option for packaging goods.

5. Strong Mailer Boxes

A mailer box is a paperboard container used for storing and shipping goods. It is simple to put together and doesn't need sticky tape to seal because the flaps and wings interlock. Compared to other varieties of paperboard packaging, it is stronger and more transport-resistant due to its two side walls. This allows for multiple uses of it.

6. Boxes With Magnetic Closures

A tray adheres to the base of what is sometimes known as hinged boxes, and the lid has magnets to keep the box shut. These magnetic lid boxes with thick paperboard construction are perfect for packaging fragile and high-end goods because they cannot be flattened.

7. Classic Yet Designer Carry Bags & Shopping Bags

The custom boxes are also suitable for carry bags and shopping bags although they give a classy look but are designer too. These bags are very durable in nature and are suitable for carrying light to medium weights.

The Final Words

Now that the types and applications of various custom boxes are known, it is time to decide where to buy them from. Among the options available in the market, Alibaba comes as the best choice the variety of custom boxes that they provide and the durability with which their product comes out gives them a upper hand over other counter parts.