How to Care for Your Different Types of Pajamas

How to Care for Your Different Types of Pajamas

Pajamas have made their name in the current era because of their simplicity and ease of use. Currently, there are different types of pajamas in the market. People love to try every new arrival but it is also of utmost importance to maintain them for long-term use. To keep them safe and secure, you need to follow some necessary guidelines that should not be skipped for their long life. Here's a guide to assist you with how to properly care for the different types of pajamas.

1. Cotton Pajamas

Initial Caring

The first step in maintaining any pajama no matter what type it is, is to wash it gently by hand or according to given instructions by the manufacturer. Most cotton types of pajamas are famous so let's stick to their washing and drying. Wash cotton pajamas with hands with fresh and warm water and dry them in an open space but safe from direct sunlight. Do not use any hard detergents and fancy soaps. They use various chemicals that are dangerous to cotton fabric.


Cotton can wrinkle easily. For a formal look, do not hesitate to iron them, but do it on medium heat only. It is always advisable to iron the fabric inside out to be certain that no shiny patches will form on the material. Visit for more maintenance details.

2. Silk Pajamas

Washing and Drying

As for the material, it is as sensitive as silk, which means that silk pajamas should be handled carefully. Wash them by hand in cold water using silk washing and detergent that contains low heat to the silk fabric. It is also essential to avoid the excessive rinsing of these clothes to avoid damaging them. But pat until dry, not squeeze. The best way is to gently squeeze the water out. Tumble dry on low heat and hang to dry on a clean towel preferably out of direct sunlight.


Moisture can cause damage to silk pajamas and therefore should be kept away from such conditions by folding or hanging to minimize contact with the surface. If you must fold them, do so delicately, and ensure that you separate the folds using tissue paper to avoid forming creases.

3. Satin Pajamas

Washing and Drying

Satin pajamas, such as silk, are also delicate fabrics that should be treated gently. Rinse them by hand in cold water after using a mild soap. Avoid wringing them out. Rather, express the water lightly and place them on a level surface to dry with another piece of clean towel. One of the main things to look out for when wearing the fabric is to avoid getting direct sunlight as this stains the fabric.


Low heat setting of soiled iron satin pajamas turned inside out to reduce wrinkly appearance. Pressing cloth can help protect the garments and the delicate fabric based on the recommendation given above.


Wearing your pajamas involves washing and proper handling and that is why to keep them clean and as comfortable as they were when bought one needs to take care of them properly. By adhering to these particular measures of caring for every material of the pajama, you can be confident your pajama will be a beloved part of the sleepwear.