Everything You Need to Know About Rim

Everything You Need to Know About Rim

The literature meaning of rim is an edge, and in wheels, it's the edge of the automotive wheel. Rim is basically the wheel edge where you mount the rubber tire. People who aren't extremely active in the car community or, more specifically, the wheel community usually use the word rim and wheel interchangeably without knowing that both are different.

Well, it's ok to mix both terms if you don't own a vehicle, but if you have a car, it's important to know the difference and everything else about the rim.

In this article, we will discuss everything about rims and from where you can buy different rim sizes. But first, let's talk about the wheel anatomy to understand the rim!

Wheel Anatomy

The automotive wheel structure consists of the following parts;

1. Tyre

The tire is the wheel's outermost covering, usually made from rubber. The primary purpose of tires is to reduce the friction between wheel and ground and help stabilize the wheel.

2. Hub

Hub is the central part of the wheel responsible for fixing the wheel with the vehicle. The hub determines the wheel's functionality and supports the wheel structure against heavy vehicles.

3. Rim

Rim is a tubular outer edge of the wheel. The primary function of this part is the tire sealing to the wheel. The outward style of the rim ensures that the tire will hold the wheel tightly.

How To Measure The Rim Size?

Like all other wheel parts, any damage or bend in the rim can also lead to severe accidents. So, if you find any damage or misshape in the rim, it needs to replace immediately. To replace the rim, you need to know how to measure its size and order one yourself.

To measure the rim size, follow these steps;

  1. Place the wheel horizontally on a flat surface.
  2. Measure the rim diameter from one end to another using a measuring tape and then the width of your wheel with the same method.

Based on the wheel size, rims are available in different sizes 14 and 19 inches is the standard rim size for small vehicles. However, the 22inch rim is ideal for large tire jeeps, SUVs, and trucks.

Warning Signs of Rim Replacement

Here are some signs through which you can determine that you should replace the rim;

· Reduction In Tire Pressure

The pressure loss in tires is pretty often, and it can be for many different reasons. However, if your tire pressure often loses, properly inspect the tire condition because the rim's bad condition might be a reason.

· Visible Damage

In regular wheel inspection, properly check if any bend or damage is present on the rim. The damage that is clear with the visible eye is a sign that you should replace it immediately. So, choose the right size and material for your new rim.

Where to Buy Rim?

If you are considering purchasing a rim, check the Alibaba rim collection consisting of thousands of different products. Alibaba offers various sizes and rim materials from different manufacturers to meet everyone's demands.


The overall wheel structure and quality are significant for the vehicle, but the rim has its own importance. So, when choosing the rim for your wheel, consider all the quality factors and choose the best place to buy it.